“Hey, what’s up…you’ve been MIA”

“I’ve really missed TID o. Where have you been?”

“What happened to you & your blog?”

“Has Inkspire expired?”😂😂

So, these are some of the questions I’ve been receiving from friends and followers of the blog from over the past couple of months as regards the blog’s disappearance from the world-wide-web, and my answer has always been kinda the same:

“TID is coming back bigger and better”

It was never my plan to go months without being on this corner of the internet doing what I love to do so much, but sometimes life happens and you’re in circumstances you never foresaw and slowly the next thing you know, you’re loosing a part of yourself. Also, asides the blog being MIA for some months, I on the other hand, have been fighting engineering final year battles over the past few months and having conquered, I’m back! Lol. It’s not been an easy ride, but the time off was worth it and I’m grateful to be back.
I’m really grateful to those who took out time to check up on me, and especially the blog. It meant to me, what a first time medal means to an upcoming athlete; that my little efforts are beating in someone’s heart.

TID 2.0

I’ve been working on the blog behind-the-scenes while away. It’s easy to want something that’s more impactful, but it’s actually difficult to put in all the sacrifice that is required, but when it’s about passion, it’s totally worth it! Innit?

TID 2.0 is basically The Inkspire Diary rebranded as better; more inspiring, more entertaining, more creative, more engaging and keen on giving out much more vibes of Inkspirations!
With fresh new content and curations, to eye-catchy and ‘read-worthy‘ posts that are categorized under Faith, Lifestyle & Inspiration, to a whole new interface and feel, TID blog is ready to give you back to back. Lol.

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Yvonne @theinkspirediaryblog

I’m Yvonne N. Ogwulu!
Thanks for reading!
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