What a year 2019 has been! 

So here’s a summarized review of how my year went in words….

How the year started out✨

For me, 2019 started out with me feeling great and expectant, then oh came Mister trials and temptations not too long after. January particularly was a really tough month and I even wrote a little something ‘here‘ to remind myself of some necessary things I started forgetting! Generally, asides from January, the first quarter of the year wasn’t really funny. I can’t even start to explain the challenges I faced with family, friends, school and finances. It was like everyone and everything was out for me.

Favorite Month of 2019✨

Can’t exactly say I had one favorite month out of the 12 months, but there were months I loved particularly because of some interesting events that took place. June, August September, October, November, December. I think that summarizes the fact that for me, the latter months of the year were better than the former. Was it same for you?

Best Memory of 2019✨

Whoops! More than one!

I had so many beautiful memories this year. I can’t even begin to count. Spent most of the year in school. My final/fifth year happened to be my best year in school and I intentionally created those beautiful memories with people I cherish and won’t be seeing till only God knows when.

From emotional memories of final days with my very funny classmates who I’d already formed a 5 year bond with, to memories with my closest friends, laughter, heartbreak, tears and joy. Plus, I met a couple of really cool people who added to making memories with me. I can’t even put them into writing.

One other beautiful memory, was my Final year project work & defence which exerted a whole lot of my time, brain energy and physical energy but paid off with bagging a beautiful A grade! The day of my project defence was exceptional. I’ll never forget the smile and expression on the panelists face as my partner and I demonstrated how our project worked, plus one of them had to even clap for us as we left. I was like…..okrrrrrrur!

 Worst Memory of 2019✨

That definately has to be when my roommate(in picture above) and I were robbed of our mobile phones by exactly 3:20am in the very early morning of May 22nd. It was an experience I do not even want to recall. It happened so fast, so unbelievably and left me having nightmares for a couple of weeks after that. Lol. All I can say is Thank God for God!

Greatest achievement of 2019✨

Asides from the ‘Many mighty-little steps I’d say I achieved this year, I consider finishing Uni the greatest because should I begin to tell the story of my five years of studying Electronics Engineering in the very overwhelming University of Nigeria, Nsukka? I’d probably do that sometime. Also, some other mighty-little achievements got me excited like learning tech skills, upgrading and redesigning this blog single-handedly, increasing the blog stats and more!

 People who inspired me✨

A good number of people inspired me this year. The Holy spirit who is my number one teacher and friend, and he was the best part because I made many right decisions, came out of very difficult challenges and accomplished brilliant things because of his guidance & help. Also, books, gospel messages, close friends, family. Shout out to the few family and friends who were there in thick times..

 Favorite Book I read✨

I couldn’t get reading as many books as I would have loved to this year because I was literally sold out to working hard to pass my degree exams, but I got my hands on a few and I loved them. I think everyone should read “Break Out” by Joel Osteen. I started reading it in November and stretched it into December just because I didn’t want it to come to an end. It stretched every inch of my Faith and inspired me beyond words. I also read “Things I wish I’d known before we got married” by Gary Chapman. He explains top reality of what really goes down when you get married vs what the love butterflies confuse us with at first. That’s a must-have for every intending couple.

 Favorite Quote✨

I probably saw other quotes during the year that ignited a lot in me, but I’ve currently been stuck on this one from one of my new female mentors, Bolanle Banwo, who Inspires me in areas like Tech, Design and Branding. She wrote and I quote:
If you wait for people to validate your ideas, you may never build anything. If you believe in that idea, just go ahead..
How much sense does this make? A 💯! And I’m walking into 2020 with that quote plastered on the tenacious walls of my heart!

One striking lesson learnt✨

Through the tough challenges I faced, I learnt specifically this year, that Life is undoubtedly a Fight – of Faith. Everyday is a Fight and we have to be intentional about fighting for our lives, for our sanity, for our peace, our progress, for all that concerns us and I learnt that the best way to win that fight is through and by Faith. If perhaps you’re wondering how to get this ‘faith’, you can find it in the word of God. The Bible. I also learnt importantly, that you have to move on from some situations, positions, places, people, etc in order to be a better version of yourself.

How the year is ending for me✨

Cool. Calm. Surrounded by Family. Surrounded by love and lots of food.  Strengthened with Faith. Filled with so, so much gratitude. Guarded with God’s word. Surrendered to trusting God. Expectant of Glorious things. Looking up to the author and the finisher of my Faith. Open to opportunities and positivity. Extremely closed to bad & negative energy, people and distractions. Very open for Business.

In all, God was so good in the good and the bad times! He kept coming through for me even up to recently when he gave me the one gift I’d been praying for the entire year 😩! I don’t know how else to say thank you again!

Here’s special thanks to every single person who was there for me at certain points this year. My prayer for you is that God will always be kind to you. Y’all know yourselves💕

Thanks also to all TIDians who constantly read this blog, share and even watch out for new posts! Y’all make it worth the while and hardwork! It’s so amazing to know that even though I was away from this space for so long, the blog stats even doubled😩! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart!

May each day of 2020 Favour us, may God keep us in health and in wealth, and may all our dreams and heart desires come to fruition.

There’s so much more from TID in 2020!

So don’t sleep on us😋

Thanks for reading 💕!

💝Let’s Talk: in few words, how was 2019 for you? Kindly let me know if you’re stepping into 2020 grateful and expectant like I am!

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