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In my previous post, I talked about Life’s Seasons in comparison to the weather season’s and how we can grow through them and prosper. I made a brief illustration to the weather season’s because of the similarities I’ve observed they share.

So, I decided to go a little bit further by doing a post on a few things I’ve learnt from some of the season’s of life I’ve been in.

Now I understand everyone’s season is peculiar to them and what God wants to do in them, so I’m sharing from my own personal experience and I’m sure it’ll be relatable. I’ll love to hear some of the lessons you’ve learnt as well. Please feel at home to share(in the comment section).

So, without much A-do, Here are a few lessons I’ve learnt from some of life’s Seasons;

1. You’re allowed to respond and react – During the first phases of a new season, adaptation takes place, and adaptation is not an easy process. Cut yourself some slack and react & respond to the new season you are in, but make sure it’s a positive response and not one that’ll leave you cast down for the rest of the season.

2. Don’t run to friends ‘first’ – Alot more times than often, our friends/family pop into our minds first in times of a new change of season or difficult phase. What can they do to help? Who? Where? And other related questions. But I’ll tell you something; Nobody’s help can be sufficient enough to sustain you through that season. So, you better run to God!

3. Be an introvert for a minute and have a conversation with yourself – Introverts are known to be the deep thinkers. The ones that have the capacity to stay locked up for maybe hours/days and have sessions with themselves. So metaphorically, I’m saying in any new season or phase you find yourself, you can try thinking deeply(not worriedly). Think wisely(not loosely). Think positively(not negatively), and think Light, not darkness. Good thinking does a lot for the mind and the heart. NB: You can have yourself a cup of something you love to drink as a companion!

4. Reflect on the Past or last Season – If there’s one thing I’m still earnestly learning, it’s remembering and reflecting. In any new season we find ourselves, it’s necessary for us to remember and reflect upon the last season or previous ones. How faithful was God in helping you? What were the lessons learned? Who or What taught you the greatest lesson? These reflections usually stir up faith and courage in me to believe that if I went through previous phases and came out unscathed, then this current one won’t be any different.

6. See the brighter picture. See the end from the beginning – We tend to see the end from the beginning; but usually not in a good way. We usually imagine the worst and that’s because of what our senses are fed with daily. But that’s a necessary thing to be worked on. Paint a picture of what you want the end of that season to be and look like, and then follow through. Don’t see a bad picture that the things you fear will happen. No, instead, see that your fears will shut up and your Faith will rise up.

7. Affirm what you want! – If you want victory, say it! If you want success, say it! If you want money, say it! If you want blessings, say it! Say whatever you want. Affirmation is like crediting your account. You gain at the end of the day.

8. Hiccups are allowed! – During some very hard season I was in back last year and a couple of other times, I usually slipped up a couple of times. What I mean by this is; after all my faith talk and affirmations and bla bla bla, I fell back into my fears and fear-talk again, & whenever that happened, I would beat myself up for slipping up. But I’ve realised that we’re humans and not robots. Realistically, we can’t always be ‘faith-ing‘ and affirming. There’ll be times we would drown in our fears and feel sorry for ourselves and all, but we are not permitted to stay there. That’s the concept of ‘refueling’. Even when you feel your flame fanning out, you’ve got to refuel by stirring up your spirit with God’s word, fueling your eyes with loads and loads of inspiration, and encouraging yourself. That way, you’ll bounce back in good time.

9. Be strong and courageous!Joshua 1:8 says it all. We must be bold, strong and courageous during each season we encounter. It is as necessary as the word itself. We must prove to the devil and even more to ourselves that we are stronger than we think, that our weaknesses are not us. Being strong and courageous will pay eventually.

10. Prepare for the next Season in this current Season – I can write a book on this one. Through all the season’s I’ve come across and been through, I’ve cried, learnt, shed scales and gained wisdom, and most especially, chosen to prepare for the next Season. I’ve realised we will always encounter Seasons. So why not?

11. Prosper and Inspire! – The most important thing is to win through it all!, and we will if we have a good attitude through every season we find ourselves in. We are much more than conquerors through Jesus and that’s enough to keep our engines fueled and refueled. Because, dear friend, no matter what comes our way in life, no matter what we face and what we go through, las las we go dey alright!

I hope this inspired someone!

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned in the season’s you’ve been in?

I’ll love to hear your thoughts!

You are,

Salt x Light.

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