My favourite season of the year is the December Winter/Harmattan season, not because of anything superficial but vainly because I get to select cool sweaters & cardigans to wear that make me look cute. Vain much? Lol. Well, I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I’m so not a fan of cold, but I guess I’d rather feel bearable cold than feel the unbearable heat that our Nigerian Sun oozes out without mercy on our skins, regularly.

When the Winter/Harmattan season begins to bid us goodbye and the hot season of January begins to smile it’s evil way into our skins, I say a painful farewell to my cute sweaters and dig into my wardrobe for clothes that can tolerate the new season’s unfriendliness – the scorching heat of mid/late January. It’s quite fascinating how the weather season’s change and even more fascinating how we too, change & adjust almost simultaneously and instantaneously with it.

For example, today might be a really, really rainy day, and everyone around is clad in coats and jackets, with almost every visible hand clinging to big umbrellas and walking in fast paces; and then whoops, the next day is in absolute contrast to the previous day. Almost everyone is in face caps and sleeveless/short-sleeves. No umbrellas, No fast paces, No wet floors and wet cars. Instead, there’s dry land, dry cars, and dry skins that need some divine protection from the sun.

Life’s seasons are like that too, you know. There’s a sudden change sometimes, something we don’t expect. Something we don’t fore-see. Something we don’t plan for. Something we wouldn’t have imagined. We’re just walking down our own path and then we realise there’s a turn we have to take or a stop we have to make. And most of the time, it’s perceived as a hindrance – A no-good-thing. But is it really always a no-good thing?

I’m writing this post to inspire anyone reading this, and myself as well, because we all are in a particular Season of Life right now. We might not know each other’s present phase, but we must first understand that none of us is immune to this(and it’s not a disease). One of the beautiful things about Life’s Seasons is that it stretches you without your permission. lol. Oh yes! Alot of us won’t go and grow forward until Life’s Seasons waves a fast-paced unexpected ‘Hello‘ at us.

One of the Beautiful things about Life’s Seasons is that it stretches us without our permission.


In the not-too-far-away past, I used to whine and complain whenever I spotted something like a change of Season in my Life or in the life of my Family. But with time, with patience, with each season, with even each tear of discomfort I shed, I’ve learnt that we can prepare, prosper and win through each Season. Yes. We don’t have to let the rain drench us, we don’t have to let the sun scorch us, we don’t have to let the cold pierce us. We can prepare and prosper through the Season’s.

Change is constant, and as long as we live we will keep evolving through seasons and phases. And for me, the best kind of change is the one that pushes me into becoming more like God, and more like Gold.

And Gold doesn’t come out easy bruv!
Talk about going through the furnace and coming out all glowing and glimmering!

Are you currently in a season you didn’t foresee? What was your reaction to it and what lessons would you love to share from it?

You are,
Salt x Light.

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