One of the scriptures God gave me for 2019 is in Zechariah, and it says..

“..Not by Power nor by Might but by my spirit says the Lord.”

But then what?
Somewhere mid-January, I somewhat forgot what he’d said. I made it all about my own little efforts, shallow-tank power and insufficient abilities. Trying to get things to work in my own way and time, my own strength and by my own strategies, forgetting to trust what God had said my year was going to look like – By HIS spirit.

To be honest, January wasn’t quite the month I expected it to be, and that’s because like I said, I was struggling to do almost everything and yet, nothing much really? Struggling to get it right, struggling to love right, struggling to understand, struggling with discouragement, struggling to tick off goals, to keep up, to achieve targets and struggling through almost each day without exactly relying on God’s help. A lot of people don’t know this, but I’m a very huge part of my audience(I write to myself, FIRST) and sometimes it could take a long time to let my many words of inspiration and advice get in and actually produce fruits in MY own life – and it’s harder.

Asides that, in January, I believe God put me in quite a number of situations, conflicts, and circumstances in order to teach me things I need to learn for the months ahead and to be honest, sometimes even if it takes you crying or sulking for days, God wouldn’t mind(don’t take this so literally😂), as long as you learned the lesson he was trying to teach you – for you.

A lot of times we set our own goals and draw up our own plans, but at the end of the day, God’s plan still prevails and I’ve come to realize(although not so easy), that his plan is the best because he’s keeping the best for his children, and I am his child. We might not like it, or even resent him for a while, but in the end, we’ll recognize his hand in our lives. So January was a month of many lessons, for me. And of course, there was sure some really good times and testimonies, too😊

“God’s plan is the best, because he keeps the best for his children”

– Inkspire

February is here and I’m glad about the month because January has given me a lot of insight and lessons I’m willing to further run with. I’m not the most consistent or diligent person, but I’m one of the most willing persons I know. I’m always ready to learn and unlearn, and learn again. And so, February will be good but Not by my power anymore, not by any of my abilities, not by men or connections, not by friends or family, not by anything other than by God’s spirit – Him alone. His favor and His Grace.
And I hope you do the same too.
And so far, February has been good😊

I’ll stop here because I wanted to make this post really short but it’s even exceeded what I intended but then that’s fine. I hope you were Inkspired?!

Happy new month of February TIDians(Biko how does this even sound?😂)

PS: Stay tuned for my Valentine post😯. I’m not exactly a fan of Valentine’s day as most people know Valentine’s day to be, but I’m a writer so I might just get my ink rolling again😂

😇Let’s Talk: What are some of the lessons you learnt from January?

PSS: And Just in case you missed the last awesome post where I featured my awesome friend, you can still check it out HERE😋.

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