I was searching through my note archives and I found this draft I wrote sometime last year that never made it out of my library and so I decided to share it with you guys because I think it’s timely and everyone needs to be reminded of this. I hope it inkspires you as much as it does me. 

Have you ever been sitted in a stadium watching a group of athletes competing for a championship medal? Everyone is like, “who’s gonna win this race?” and some are trying to decipher from the faces of the athletes, who they feel should win the race.

Generally, in sports, the crowd doesn’t really start cheering loudly until there’s a little sign that victory is about to take place. Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Tennis, metre races, name it; it goes the same way. Everyone is focused so intently on what the athlete or athletes are doing that they unconsciously forget to cheer, but then once they see a close sign of victory from the athlete, the spectator’s voice firstly begins to rise in a hopeful tone which then triggers loud cheers from the crowd.

So If perhaps the athlete doesn’t meet up to victory expectations, the cheers die down like everyone was given a musical command to pause, and if the athlete does meet up to expectations and is victorious, the cheering goes up a whole notch and everyone is suddenly so proud of the athlete! Nobody really ever considers the pressure on the athlete to win or make the crowd happy. We always just want the ‘victory’.

My Biggest Cheerleader is Me.
Not because I find it so easy limping in faith, keeping myself motivated and cheering myself on, but because it’s what I’ve got to do to keep me limping till I can stand. It might be the laziest but fastest boost, and it’s extremely necessary for my sanity. It usually reminds me of why I started in the first place and that it’s not about anything other than that. I’m grateful when I get cheers from the crowd and the people who genuinely want to see me win, but I’ve got to make sure mine is the loudest.

Being your biggest cheerleader takes you from listening to what everyone is saying (or not saying), to what your heart is saying. I realised that athletes are trained to ignore the crowd while doing their thing on the field. They need to be able to focus completely as they run towards the prize. Distraction sets in when you hear naysayers and even ‘yessayers‘ sometimes. You have to calm down and listen to your inner voice of hope, cheers and corrections too, and what you hear needs to be voiced out. It’s not just enough to hear it, you need to say it and hear yourself say it.

Sometimes I hear voices tell me I’m not good enough, I’m not qualified enough, I’m not smart enough or nobody cares about what I do. I feel great fear and I feel every desire to shrink back and retreat. But then I’m a fighter and I get my boxing gloves and get into the ring. I turn on the switch that reminds me of who I am and I start doing to myself, what the crowd will do only if I started showing signs of winning. I start cheering myself on. I tell myself:

“…You can do this. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. You don’t have to be qualified, but you can take on anything. You will finish because you have the ability to finish. People are listening to what you have to say because God has put in me what no man can ignore.”

Be your biggest cheerleader. Shout the loudest, even if you have to shout it alone & loudly for the crowd to hear. Soon, they’ll start to cheer you on to, and even if they don’t, still go around cheering yourself on. Even when you fail, don’t let the crowd belittle you. Don’t let the critical inner voices bully you. It’s all a mirage. When you start being your biggest cheerleader, you’ll end up becoming the person who stands out among the crowd.

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