On the day when I stepped into my twenties, I didn’t feel anything superficial except the Harmattan breeze that blew stubbornly into my skin that December morning and the overwhelming love that kept spurring in from Family and friends and spinning my head around. But, I knew something was about to begin in my life. A different phase of living life, in a different way of seeing life, in different days that will come and pass by, with different faces and people, in different places and seasons.

Today, I feel the same stubborn Harmattan breeze in my skin and the love has already begun to spin my pretty little head.
This young lady who was a little girl some few years ago, is extremely, extremely, grateful to her Lord & Saviour.

This past year, I will say, has been the best so far. I can’t exactly explain it, but it’s been intertwined into several fascinating emotions, incredible experiences, unforgettable moments, Spirit-led decisions, little-mighty achievements, steady growth, and shedding off old scales. This past year has taught me a couple of interesting things which I’ll love to share. Pardon Me & read on?

1. Time waits for No one – I’m sure you know this as well. Yesterday I remember being 18 and clueless about many things, and now here we are.

2. No man is an Island – It’s hard for introverts like me to accept and practice this but I’m constantly learning this each new day. People are important.

3. The Gratitude Attitude is Everything – No matter the situation, Our Gratitude changes everything.

4. Life is more delicate than we think and actually trivialize. Some people dear to my heart died at different time intervals this year and I shed tears and reflected alot which led me to many truths about Life. I’ll do a post on this soon, hopefully.

5. Family is not Everything, but It is A WHOLE lot of things Friends might never Be – I love my Family(nuclear & extended) to the moon and back.

6. Minding our business reduces stress – Lol. For real. Sometimes it’s hard but mehn, turn your neck and face front.

7. If we’re not consistent in studying God’s word, we will err. And If we are consistent, we will stay on track. But Good News is, If we err, we can always get it right.

8. A healthy and glowing skin is Bae – Drink lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables, and find a good cream/moisturizer that fits perfectly.

9. Don’t let anyone put pressure on you to perform more than you can. Take it easy. Nobody is rushing you if God isn’t.

10. Passion is fueled by Your desire to fulfil purpose. How much do you want to fulfill purpose? Is the passion your purpose? Are you very busy being purposeful or purposeless?

11. Insist on doing what makes God Happy, and not always what makes your flesh happy. I’m learning to leave all that ‘Please yourself’ talk in the trash can.

12. Good Friendships are so important. They are like the unfading glow of a new bride.

13. Have a clear heart, a free conscience, and a beautiful spirit. People will fall in love with you more easily.

14. Constantly practice being so true to yourself that you forget what it feels like to imitate the next person. Do You, don’t do someone else.

15. If you have followed a wrong path, retrace your steps and seek the right path. Once you find it, don’t get distracted, keep going.

16. We don’t know where someone is coming from, what they’ve been through and what they’re currently going through. Therefore, it’s important to always be sensitive to other people, while being compassionate and helpful.

17. When in Sin, Run to God and his word. When in Faith, Stay on God and his word.

18. Not everyone who speaks, mean what they say. And Not everyone who mean what they say and cheer you on, wish you well.

19. Human beings change only if they ‘choose’ to allow change into their heart. No amount of cane strokes or anything can change them instantaneously.

20. God is the truest, bestest and like-no-other friend you can always have – and Trust.

21. Enjoy each moment. Bask in the euphoria of the present before anticipating the future.

22. As you grow older in age, you can choose to grow younger at heart. It’s simply up to you.

And of course many more lessons I can’t possibly type here for fear that you might run away from weariness😁


So, Happy Happy birthday to Me💃!

Here’s Cheers to many more years of purposeful and beautiful Living😊🥂🥂

Thanks for reading😘!


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