Today is the 335th day of the Year 2018.
The First day of the Last Month.
The Last Month of the First & Last 2018.

Happy New Month guys!
It’s December!!!
My All-time favorite Month of the Year!

December is like Everybody’s Month

_ Unknown

Asides from this Month being my Birth Month, It’s a Month I’m always looking forward to. From the Popular December Harmattan weather, to the numerous Christmas decorations that start to light up the streets and homes with the Christmas-ey feeling, to the pure happiness and joy that comes with the Yuletide season, to the warmth of being around Family and friends, to the excitement that rests in our spirits as to the reason for the season, down to the tingling anticipation of crossing over from the current year to the next year.

December Issagoal💃!

Do you mind answering the following questions honestly to yourself? You can read my answers below each question..


What have these 335 days been like so far for you?

For Me, It’s been 335 days of linear Growth, happy and sad days and of course, a couple of other in-betweens. It’s been 335 days of taking bolder steps and braver moves. I’m always excited about the little steps I make, because it’s those steps that hold the potential of giant strides.

If you were asked to write down on a Piece of paper, all what God has done for you so far in these past 335 days, can/would you remember it all?

For Me, I can try but I’m sure I probably won’t remember it all; not because I’m ungrateful, but because that’s how good God is. When we begin to count our blessings with our own hands, we realise how much God has released his hands to us. We not only see how insufficient we are of our own selves, but we realise that God has our backs – In the good and In the bad times.

Did you achieve most/all of what you planned to achieve so far this past 335 days?

For Me, I can say I achieved Most(not all) of what I planned to achieve these past 335 days. God superceded my expectations in alot of areas I’d prayed about during the ending of last year 2017. Some expectations weren’t met though and there were a number of disappointments and losses but I know it’s all working for my good. Also, I was able to tick a couple of stuff off my bucket list and for me, that’s a good, good one!

It’s just 30 days away from 2019, do you think you can still do some of the things you wanted to do and achieve this year? What do you have to put in place?

For me, I believe I still can. 30 days might look pretty short, but if we sketch out solid plans and put our hearts to it, and lay out prayers before God in Faith, we are likely to cross out a couple of things off our bucket list.

So, that’s it!


I’m really grateful to God for these past 335 days!
It’s been a good, good one.

In other Yuletide News, Christmas is ticking a 25-Merry-days away and I’m excited. Are you?

Christmas is another opportunity to show our gratitude to God and to understand the brevity of his sacrifice and love for us.

🍭Let’s Talk: How has the past 335 days been for you? Did you cross out most or all of your expectations?

Thanks for reading!

You are,

Salt x Light💞

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