My temperament used to be one which will not readily applaud my accomplishments, especially something I consider ‘little‘. There’s usually this ugly repetitive voice that will whisper to me, “There’s nothing so fantastic about what you just did; others have done better and bigger things and in better and bigger ways“, and unfortunately I would fall prey into listening to it’s voice and believing the lies. But trust me, that upsets a lot of good work you’ve put in, and saps out determination. Realizing this has helped me kick out those  negative voices.


As the year 2019 rounds up it’s over three-hundred-and-sixty-five days and a new year beams ahead of us, I’m certain a lot of people are beating themselves up about the things they failed or neglected to achieve this year. For some, they insist it’s not exactly an act of ingratitude, depression or anything superficial, but an act to make them do better next time. I get it, but then it could leave you with a negative effect of feeling less than yourself or less-achieved.


It’s true that you had big dreams for 2019. Maybe, you wanted to start a business but look where we are now and the only business you’re running is ‘minding your business‘.
I thought I was going to tick off a couple of things this year, but oh well! I bet many of us wanted bigger things – we all do. But reality is that Life isn’t always straight forward and simple; but if like me you have the Almighty God as your Sovereign Father, then you should be rest assured that he’s perfectly aware that this and that didn’t happen and he’s working all things out for your good.

I made quite a lot of little steps this year, and I’m really glad I was excited about every single one of those steps. Among the many little steps I can count, rounding up Uni is the biggest for me and I need not explain😁

I’ve learnt and I’m still learning the importance of the little steps we make. Every little step is not a shame or ‘little‘ as it sounds. It is in fact, a stride of greatness, a stride of purpose and passion. I’m learning that we can’t even take big steps until we learn the importance of first taking little steps. We can’t appreciate the big without first appreciating the little.

I’ve also realised that when we consciously begin to count all the little steps we’ve made and are making, we realize that we’ve come quite a long way. Maybe not where we want to be, Maybe not even a quarter, but definitely somewhere on track, somewhere steady and going, & dear reader, we will all get there someday. Trust Me.

So keep doing those things, keep ticking the bucket lists, keep dreaming and waking up to work out the reality, keep seeing the possibilities, and keep chasing passion consistently. Because, dear friend, you’ll have giant feet soon and look back to your days of little beginnings.
For now, look to the days in the year ahead and hope for new steps. Believe your feet can fill up bigger shoes, but don’t ever forget that every big feet grew from baby feet.


“Do not despise your days of little beginnings”

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