I’ve always wanted to write about this and I’m glad I’m finally getting my hands to it. I’ve always believed this to be a sensitive topic which should be addressed not for anything other than a positive attempt in curbing negative societal mindset. But writing about this will probably exhaust my ink, so I decided to divide it into two separate posts.

We now live in a world where everyone is becoming more aware of who they are, what they love, what they can do and the opportunities and advantages that lie before them. We live in a world where almost nobody is waiting to be told what to do & how to do it. Almost Everyone now wants to have a voice, and a voice means a platform.

I’ve honestly never been such an ardent admirer of the 8-5 life due to certain personal reasons. Prior to now, the thought of it always shook me and until I finally had to face it during my compulsory six months student internship training(I.T) did I have a glimpse to what it entails being an 8-5 worker. (I should do a post on my IT experience someday).

Sooooo, there’s this silent rift between some 8-5 workers/earners and some creatives, over issues like “who works harder” and even down to “who should earn more” and I think it’s a really interesting one.

An 8-5 worker is an individual or a professional who works for an organization, a company, etc for five working days during the week(sometimes even on weekends too), and about 10hours or more each working day and receives a salary at the end of each month. These guys are dedicated to meeting the targets of their respective companies and delivering to their optimum to ensure the company is up, running and productive, monetarily.

On the other hand, a Creative is an individual or a professional who is considered to be in the Arts, and has most often times, chosen to work for him/herself(though some of them also couple as 8 – 5 workers because passion doesn’t stop chasing, you know). They are lovers of either Art in the form of music, literature, fashion, and anything that sparks up creativity in them. A creative sets his/her own rules, determines the growth and progress of their own project/embarkment, and receives their payment equal to the amount of resources/work/skill invested in their project or what they decide they should be paid for their services. This description doesn’t quite fit the idea of these two fields, but I hope I tried to paint a picture!

Personally, I absolutely love creativity and I think I haven’t even started to scratch the surface of my creativity but yet, I get so caught up in a beehive of activities and trying to meet up with deadlines. I’m inspired by creativity, the many ideas brewing in my head and oh, by a WHOLE bunch of other creatives who are totally awesome(the list is endless) and dedicated to creating content in Music, Literature, Fashion, Art, Photography, etc. I think creatives are exceptionally hardworking people who are driven by passion and extremely dedicated to living out that passion.So, not everyone wants to be an 8-5 worker, and there are a whole bunch of people who also want to be 8-5 workers.

So you see, people are different. People are unique. People decide what they want, what they know is best for them, what they can cope with and what they cannot cope with. Some people are the 8-5 type, while some others are the Creatives and some awesomely combine the two. But no matter what option we fall into, there’s always WORK involved and this means that, we should all be deliberately appreciative of everyone’s decision, passion, and the work they put into doing it.

Inasmuch as I do not really fancy the 8-5 life (especially after growing up in a city like Lagos where for many it’s actually 5:30am to 9pm because you basically spend extra working hours in traffic!), I do respect it and the people who handle it. It’s a whole lot of commitment, planning, discipline, resilience, dedication, motivation, and of course, a couple of “taking-a-lot-of-crap” too. Lol!

Creatives on the other hand, are also extremely hard-working and they take “a lot of crap” too. For example, being a Photographer is not an easy-peasy job as most people think; just like being a make-up artiste or a fashion designer is far from easy. The truth about creatives is that they never really look like they’re working so hard because sometimes it seems all glamorous and colorful forefront, but the work and the resources put into realizing the work behind-the-scenes is much more intense than just the colors, glamour and shimmer.

So, I’ll stop here for now and in the next post, I’ll write about the categories of both the 8-5 workers vs the Creatives, some of what they do and most likely come up with reviews from people who are in either world’s.

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