So, my previous post initiated this topic and I’m rounding it up with this post.

A friend pointed out to me from my last post, that I focused mostly on creatives in the Arts and I realised that I probably tilted a little bit too much towards the Arts only. There are a lot of creatives In Technology and In Science who blow my mind and I mean – blow my mind! I’m a Tech enthusiast and I have a couple of Tech friends who are awesomely gifted and creative. Most of them who freelance go through the same challenges and struggles that creatives generally go through.

Generally speaking, I have a couple of creative friends who always feel short-circuited, cheated and looked down upon simply because they’re freelancers. I’ve heard narrations of unfortunate situations involving them and their work being taken for granted, belittled and even insulted. In the creative or freelance field, you often hear commentaries like;

Why should I pay ### amount for this service…?”

“Why is it so high? Bring yourself and your price down o…”

“This simple thing that I can do by myself…?”

“I’ll give you publicity as payment…..” Etc.

Statements like these only stem from a fixated mindset that tends to unconsciously down play freelance creatives who strive to make just as much as a living as the 8-5 workers.

Now, contrary to what some people might think while reading this, I am very unbiased and strongly advocating a more positive mindset for both sides. A mindset that doesn’t even think to discriminate against any legal vocation in which a person’s hands have found to do.

The western world has tried so much to convince us that the 8 to 5 white collar job is the right job, the right vocation and the right way to earn money and be respected by society, but I love the way the world is opening up. I love the courage exhibited by millions of youth who work so hard and earn from their creativity and passion.

Work is Hard work. Earning money legally is Hardwork, and deserves to be respected. Wearing corporate clothes to work vs Wearing casual clothes to work shouldn’t make one less or higher than the other. The balance should be in the RESPECT for the work.
I randomly asked a couple of people from the creative field and the 8-5 field what some of their struggles are and here are the few responses I could get:

“…I’m a creative and sometimes I get clients that want to pay little for so much. Other times, people want to collaborate with me and not like collaborations are bad, they just stretch me beyond my capacity sometimes. Honestly, people just need to respect everyone’s field…”

“A couple of people have offered me publicity for payment and I wonder if they think I’m supposed to eat publicity or eat from the money I’m being paid. I just tire….”

“Being an 8-5 worker comes with a lot of perks and a lot of wahala too. Lol. The incessant work that never seems to end, the tiring traffic, the difficult people and bosses that can’t be pleased, etc. The inflow of salary is constant and somewhat okay but sometimes I wish it could be more and a break too. Any which way, it’s important that we all respect each other’s vocation and fields…”

“My parents seem to respect my elder sister’s opinions better because she’s an 8-5 worker. I’m a fashion designer and they don’t see why I’d rather stick to this than join the hustle. I tell them this is my own hustle and it should be respected…”

So, I just want to insist on here (in my corner of the world wide web) that nobody’s choice of vocation is better than anybody’s choice of vocation. Nobody is with a more “dignified” job just because………(insert something here)

As long as WORK is involved, PEOPLE will be involved, and as long as people are involved, PASSION will be involved, and that deserves RESPECT.

In all, “whatever your hands find to do, do it well.

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