Easter Resurrection Sunday

May we never loose our wonder

I love gifts and I just really love the sweet thought behind someone deciding to give me a gift. However we see it, every gift is a thoughtful act and the best ones are the really thoughtful ones, like the most thoughtful gift I received in February of this year. (Now I wish I could write a post about it). It was really the most thoughtful gift and it made me feel really special (because I am – duh!) Lol.

Now, that’s even nothing compared to how I feel each time I think about the gift of Jesus’ redemption. I’m like, God must be the perfect definition of love to gift us with Jesus. We’re so undeserving; so unworthy. Like how did we even deserve this gift? It wasn’t even our birthday or something. We weren’t acting right. We didn’t even care about God. We don’t even still care sometimes. I’m always in awe. As we mark another Resurrection Sunday this year, I urge you as a believer to reflect on how much of a gift Jesus’ redemption is to you. How has it changed you? Do you even think it’s a gift?

We’re super blessed to be in a dispensation of so much love and grace. Imagine being among those in the old testament and having to deal with the era of “no Jesus on the scene“. But now hey! Jesus is on the big scene and he has done what No one has ever and can ever do – He sacrificed his life in exchange for our sins and filth. He was crucified for all of our wrongs. Punished for all of our iniquities. Bruised for all of our sicknesses and pains. Jesus finished work for us!

Jesus’ redemption through his Resurrection is the best gift ever offered to Man.

I can say this proudly because I have an experience of Jesus’ redemption and it’s only if you do have an experience, that you can be able to say this. It’s a testimony for another day. If somewhere in your heart you don’t agree to this, I hope someday you discover this experience and can be able to say this too. But oh well, Jesus’ redemption is the best gift ever offered to Man.

Easter blog post

It’s the most thoughtful gift because God was looking for a solution to end all the sinfulness he was seeing amongst his most beloved creation – Man. He was searching for a perfect solution because he loved his children. And boom! Jesus, his only begotten son, was the perfect solution he came up with. The beautiful part is that he didn’t just find a solution, he found a perfect solution that can never lose value. He found a solution that nothing else could beat. I mean, what’s better than God himself? What’s better than the sinless blood of Jesus? And what beats a record of a man who was crucified publicly, but rose up privately as the God that he is!  Now because of Jesus’ redemption, I live in confidence of God’s grace, daily walking worthy of that Grace.

As we mark Easter this year, I urge you as a believer to reflect on how much of a Gift Jesus’ redemption is to you and how much more he wants you to make use of the Gift that he is by having an experience of who he is, all he has for you and his purpose for even being a gift to you.

Easter blog post

Happy Resurrection Sunday guys! Have a fun indoor celebration and remember to stay safe & pray!

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How has Jesus’redemption through his Resurrection been a gift to you? If you’re willing, you can share in the comment section below! 

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