December is still cold and even getting colder as each day unfolds, and my body is still always clad in cute sweaters and long-sleeves. A friend told me recently that he wasn’t feeling the Christmas-ey feeling at all this year. I told him I wasn’t with him on that one because I always feel it every year, and that includes this year. Lol! (I’m big on festivities!)

But wellllllll, to be really honest, I’d feel this Christmas-ey feeling even more if I could get to tick off some of the things sitting pretty on my wish-list. Because, why not?
It’s Christmas & Santa is coming to my town!(please I’m permitted to be a kid right now😅)


Do You know what a wish-list is?

Well, these are a few of the stuff on my Christmas Wish-list and I’m hoping Santa comes here soon…These items might just be on yours too, you know😉.

1. A Camera: I’ve wanted a digital Camera for the most part of my life(photography is one of my passions) and it’d be great if Santa drops it cutely at my doorstep this Christmas! Lol!

2. A New Phone: Because my phone has been annoyingly incompetent, especially to do the many creative stuff I want to implement. So dear Santa, if you’re listening, your girl will be so happy if this is ticked off! An iPhone has all the features I need for creativity & my productivity and hence, my preferred choice.

3. A Laptop: My Laptop is on voicemail. I repeat, on voicemail. Thasall I can say😂. Nothing more. Nothing less. So Santa, this one too. Really important. Lol!

4. The Cassie Dave’s Blog Planner: ….because I officially became a blogger like a month ago and I intend to be extremely intentional about my Blog because it’s my little Baby rai-now, you know! Also, if you didn’t know, this blog planner has everything a blogger could ask for, and it’s such a beauty! What do you think? Peep the creativity in the the Notebooks below😍!

5. An Acoustic Guitar: I actually believed I’d have an acoustic guitar by now because I actually saved up for it sometime this year and was at the last step to ordering for one before…… know how life goes where we don’t want it to go sometimes and the rest is history😅? Well, I sing and write a lot of songs, and I have a very huge crush on this cute guy named ‘Guitar‘ and it’ll be so great to finally get to meet him before the year runs out.

So, yah!, these are the most important stuff on my wish-list and trust me, I wrote this not by sight but by faith because this girl has no idea how all these will come😂! Lol!

But I believe! I believe, Lord!
Can I get a Loud Amen😅?


🏖️Let’s Talk: Do you feel the Christmas-ey feeling this year?What’s on your Christmas Wish-list this year & do you think you can get them before the year folds up – or not?

Thanks for reading💞!

You are,

Salt x Light💞

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