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I have lots of awesome people stacked up in my blog draft to Interview but time is not always nice to me – maybe not necessarily a physical interview, but a virtual one because I absolutely love getting to find out what’s hovering in the minds of people this world has been undeniably gifted with. That’s why i’m introducing a new series on the blog tagged, The “MEET blog Series” where i’ll be showcasing & interviewing a lot of people in diverse fields doing their own thing and making a difference in any little or big way, and NO, this is not a celebrity interview series. The aim of this series, as always, is to inkspire people through other people’s experiences and lifestyle and to showcase as many people as time will permit me to. Iron sharpens iron and you never know what chord could be struck in your heart by Meeting someone awesome on my blog! This series is quite long overdue because I’ve spent so much time brooding over it but yet it’s special to me because it’s requires me stepping out of my comfort zone & default personality trait plus also giving me the opportunity of meeting, networking and becoming friends with new & amazing people!

I’m launching this blog series with the gorgeous Oge Ndubunma, who is a writer/poet and a pod-caster! She is a recent first class honors graduate from Caleb University, Nigeria and is currently living in California, in the United States of America, sharing her personal experiences and wisdom as a 21st century Christian. How beautiful?

I first listened to one of her podcasts (My conversion story) and it was really a beautiful one. You can check out here podcast in the link at the end of the post.

So, let’s MEET Oge!

Oge Ndubunma

What does your name (Oge) mean and any special reason it was given to you?

My name means God’s time is the best, and no I don’t know of any special reason. I guess my parents just liked the name.

What inspired you to start the “Being Christian in the 21st Century” Podcast and tell us what inspired the podcast name?

I started the podcast because firstly, it is our purpose as Christians to spread the gospel, and this podcast is one way I can spread the gospel. Another reason is because I have great experiences and things I have learnt as a Christian that I think will make me selfish if I don’t share, I want other Christians to grow the same way I have grown. Overall, I prayed about it and I felt peace so I decided to go ahead with it.
The name of the podcast is “Being christian in the 21st century” because I speak mostly to the young generation.

 beingchristianinthe21stcentury podcast

With few words, what do you think being a Christian means?

Being a Christian to me is simply believing that because Jesus loves me, He died for my sins and He has risen. I am saved forever by grace through faith with the gift of righteousness in Christ Jesus!! Nothing is by my power or works!!

A couple of people usually ask, what’s the difference between a ‘normal Christian’ and a ’21st century Christian’? Do you think they mean the same or sound contradictory?

I honestly don’t even think this should be a debate. The 21st Century is mostly used in reference to a particular generation, it has nothing to do with whether a person is Christian or not. A Christian is a Christian no matter the century. It is not the century that defines who a Christian is, it is belief in Jesus and His finished work.


What are your most revered life values?

My most revered life value is just one thing, love. Where there is love, every other good thing follows.

Who inspires you? (One or more persons)

Jesus inspires me, the things He endured and did on earth are simply beyond words. Also, I am inspired by any woman that has ever defied and is still defying the odds of life and society to achieve her dreams.

What can you say the ultimate vision of your podcast is?

The ultimate vision of my podcast is to see that young people grow in Christ and the right doctrines of Christianity.

One funny thing about yourself most people don’t know about?

My dance steps are horrible. Watching me dance will crack anyone up.

Your Instagram Bio says you sing! Tell us a bit about that?

I sing mostly in the choir and events when the opportunity comes up, but for now not professionally.

Oge Ndubunma

Which among your current podcasts is your favorite?

I like all my podcasts, I think they are all important. They’re all my favorites.

What was your experience studying Mass communications and if you were given another opportunity, would you study it again?

Studying mass communication was really challenging and tasking but it was also educative and somewhat fun. I had many opportunities to express my opinions on certain issues and be flexible with answering questions. My lecturers were the absolute best.
I would totally study it again, but I am good for now. School is not beans.

Do you think the Podcast world is progressing and evolving? And What would you say has been your biggest challenge in podcasting so far?

I think the podcast world is definitely evolving. More people listen to podcasts now and pod-casters have become really creative.
For now my major challenge has been having a space where I can record as long as I want without interruptions.

Tell us pod-casters you admire/look up to?

I totally admire Light up with Maryam, Nuel’s podcast and Purple Related.

One misconception you think people have about podcasting?

People think it’s a big task to record and edit but it really depends on the application you use.

An advice to anyone desiring to start a podcast?

Be consistent, be real, make sure you have a passion for it and don’t doubt yourself. Also use an easy application like Anchor.

Last Question!

One million dollars or One million chances to live?

I already have eternal life in Christ so plix give me the dollars!

I loved all of Oge’s responses especially to the last question! I totally would choose One million dollars too! Why not?! Lol!

I’m sure you enjoyed meeting Oge too! Don’t forget to check out her podcast and subscribe! She’s worth keeping up with.

Instagram: @theaugustpoet
Podcast link:

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Love & Light all through the month of March

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