Today marks the much celebrated International Women’s Day 2020 and since my initial plan for today didn’t play out, I decided to do this and I’m excited because I’ve got a Male guest on this one who happens to be my dear friend! Woop Woop!

In this post, we’re both sharing our views on Gender Equality/Equity from a female and male perspective, demystifying facts and issues surrounding it and most especially, inspiring you to join a world that is #EachforEqual

international womens day 2020

Yvonne Ogwulu

I believe Gender Equality in the simplest form is centered on: “Treat the next person (female or male) as you would treat yourself“. And I’ll like to think that at least, more than 95% of human beings in the world want to be treated well, justly, fairly. Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated.

However, the ratio of fairness to the male and female gender in the world today can be said to be close to a 70:30, with the male taking up 70% of a world of opportunities, career advancement, financial empowerment, political positions, educational literacy, etc. Where does the line become thinner? How do we begin to balance the ratio? How can we change statistics?

There’s a mindset that a million and one people carry around every single day. A mindset that has had and still has a ripple effect on generations. A mindset of a woman being undeserving and unqualified for certain positions. A mindset that the girl child should sit at home and cook while the boy child goes to school to learn and eventually earn. A mindset that a full-grown educated woman who is focused and willing to work should against her will be forced to stay at home and watch her certificate waste to dust. A mindset that a woman stands no chance among the political gods of so-called democracy. A mindset that a woman can easily be seen as an object of pleasure and a liability in the place of work. A mindset that raping a woman is a means to a satisfactory end and the end itself has no justice for its victim. A mindset that a woman’s wages should never be the same with her male counterpart or partner, simply because she is woman. A mindset that puts selfishness before humanity and tradition before reasoning.

This is the mindset that we fight against.

So on this day, we urge you – Male and/or Female – to have a mindset that gravitates towards raising the bar of equity. We urge you to respect women all around the world, stand for what is right and just, and whatever betters the next person, be it female or male.


international womens day 2020

Ojiaku Chidera

Equality? Equity? Forget about the semantics or the dominant meaning/connotations any of those words carry. All I want is for women to get what they deserve; what is rightfully theirs. The society needs women who are fully aware of their rights and privileges. The society needs women who would dare to fight for their rights and privileges and not women who are subjugated by the phrases “a woman should be” or “a woman shouldn’t be“.

How do we raise such women?

The best way is by properly educating the girl-child on who she is and on who she can become and by creating opportunities for her to express herself in an atmosphere where she isn’t discriminated simply because she’s female. Being a girl is the foundation for being a woman. Every woman you see today was once a girl and every girl you see today will grow into a woman. So in order to create the stable, strong and bold woman of the future we have to first create a stable, strong and bold girl-child today. We can achieve this by empowering the girl-child – Educationally. Every girl-child deserves as much education as her male counterpart.

As a male I stand for Empowering the girl-child educationally. I stand for developing her intellect so that she can compete favorably with her male counter-parts. I stand for helping her have dreams and aspirations and also achieving them. I stand for all this because it will help create women who are stable, strong and bold in our society. If we must get it right with our women, we must first get it right with our girls.


Happy International Women’s Day!

I felt so much passion writing this and you can tell my friend did as well!

Join the campaign and let’s change the mindset of a Gender-bias world! 💃🙏

A woman can never be a man & a man can never be a woman, but a man and a woman are both entitled to a fair world!

Thanks for reading!

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international womens day 2020

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