When the impostor feelings began to build up, I was advised by a dear friend of mine who I explained my struggles to, to take a short break off the blog and I guess it’s time I found my way back to base. No matter how I feel at certain points, I realize how much I can’t run away from doing this thing. It’s passion-mandatory – Impostor Syndrome or not. The break was well needed though.

Raise your hands in the comment section if you’ve encountered any feeling of Impostor syndrome of recent?

Well, as you can tell already, my hands are up!

Blogging about Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success or achievements at something. ‘Impostors’ suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that override any feelings of success or external proof of their competence….

You read it. And if you feel this way, then it’s most likely that, like me, you’ve experienced or are experiencing the Impostor Syndrome. I started feeling this way somewhere in mid-January after falling down a flight of full-fledged self-confidence and ready-to-kick-ass vibes. Lol. Life can be just so…….forget it.

I won’t say I’m completely ignorant as to where the feeling came from, but when I trace it back I know certain things which contributed to feeling that way and I ‘allowed’ my self confidence take a down slide (keyword here is allowed because we have the power to either give up our confidence – or not).

Learning new things is so great and profitable, but sometimes learning and wanting to be more of ‘this‘ or ‘that‘ can also push us to negative extremes of self doubt and feelings of inadequacy. I’m an avid learner and at some threshold of digesting so much information, bettering myself and skills and even simply wanting the best for this blog and it’s loyal audience, I began to so strongly doubt my abilities to deliver anything at all. Suddenly, everything I’d been doing began to look phony to me. Whew.

I want to be excellent at whatever I do and that means I need to learn how to be better, but the Impostor syndrome can make you feel like a phony – like there’s something wrong with your abilities and that people can clearly see it that you’re a phony.

• How do you know when you have the Impostor Syndrome?

When you start having really defeating thoughts like,

‘Can I even do this?’

‘Would they see me as a fake?’                                        

‘I feel like a phony’

‘WillI ever be like the professionals?’

‘Never should I be celebrated for doing any little thing’

‘I should probably just quit this and hide away’

When nothing you do is something you’re proud of. And when something you do is nothing you’re proud of…

Then it’s time to deal with it, and according to Dr. Valerie young who is an internationally recognized expert on the Impostor Syndrome,

“the only way to stop feeling like an impostor is to stop thinking like an imposter”.

Stop feeling and thinking “Impostor“. Quit doubting every single idea or step you take. Stop seeking perfection, instead seek the peace that comes from doing a great job and taking giant strides. Just stop and start doing the opposite. You’re only going to keep feeling that way if you choose to keep feeling that way. It’s up to you!

How I'm dealing with imposter syndrome

• How I’m dealing with the Impostor syndrome

I’ve been dealing with this syndrome by first of all being open about it like I am right now and I believe that kills off a chunk of the burden. Second, I’m being intentional about working on and protecting my mental space and that includes being positive, optimistic, hopeful and learning to believe more in myself. I’m also unlearning all the characteristics that come with the Syndrome, which means that I have to conquer self-doubt and all it’s many village relatives.

Have you experienced any impostor feelings so far this year? How did you deal with it/how are you dealing with it?

I’ll love to hear in the comment section below 😊

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