“And when you finally take that step, look back only to see how far you have come….”

– yvonneinkspire


Hey People🌻!

I’m officially a blogger and it’s still surreal because I think I’ve been dreaming of this longer than a normal human being should(well,I don’t mean to say I’m not), and it’s time to wake up and walk on water, with the determination to never drown.

I’m super-doper excited!, and only those who really know how much this dream has been burning in my heart will understand💃! (Shout out to you guys for all the push😂). Hopefully someday, I’ll do a post about all the hassles, technicalities and behind the scenes of creating the blog. Hopefully.

I’ve daydreamed of what my first blog post title and details will be and it’s funny how I came up with “Finally, Finally” as the title, which was the last thing I expected to eventually come up with. I guess that’s pretty much how Life is sometimes – spontaneous.

“Yah, so what’s The Inkspire Diary about?”, you must be asking.

Why should you use ‘not-up-to-20-seconds-of-your-time'(yes😂!) to type in your email/gmail address and follow this blog? What’s special about it? 

Well, I’ll be breaking it down according to the categories✌️


1. FAITH: I can’t possibly see myself doing anything in this life without God being first and best. If I’m writing, then God must be first; If there’s anything worth doing, God will be first. I think it’s necessary to encourage fellow believers as well as myself in the Faith. So I’ll be sharing alot about my Faith & Salvation Experiences and of course, alot from others too😉!

2. INSPIRATION: As you can see, my pen-name, ‘Inkspire’, actually stemmed from this word, which tells alot about my love for inspiration. I think a lot of people in this present world need doses of inspiration and it can come from even the littlest things of life. So why not?

3. LIFESTYLE: Oh yes, I love Life! + Style too!, and I’m really looking forward to writing alot on Lifestyle! Trust me, I have a thousand and one topics spurring out of my head already. Stay tuned😋


PS: Did I mention I love opening up people’s minds to see what’s in there? Okay. More of that is coming as well!

Pps: I’ll love to hear your thoughts and suggestions guys. Please feel free to say sonthing!

See why you should stay tuned😉?

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You’re far too kind!


Cheers to Many more Blog Posts & Fun🥂🥂

Till my next post,

You are Salt & Light✌️.





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