I may not have all the answers to the many questions on your mind right now, but I guess I have a lot to say (or rather, write).

This isn’t the 2020 a lot of us imagined. Lol. Like we literally didn’t see all of this coming. So far there have been alarming records of deaths, attack, panic, outbreak, disaster, pandemonium and even the news of asteroids threatening to fall on our heads! (Okay this one actually got me scared & wondering what the heck?! 😂). It’s been a lot – on the local & foreign scene. It’s amazing how the whole wide world has been synchronized in the blink of an eye. I guess this tells us a little bit more about life.

I’m not one to take in negative & fearful information about the many disasters happening in the world, but I’m learning to intentionally separate “knowing what’s happening around me” from “accepting defeat & fear of what’s happening around me“. The News is everywhere in our faces, showing us really gory pictures and stories of this today & that tomorrow – some true and some false, and we who are on the other side of the media have to make our choices – Watch the News and get anxious or Watch the News and get wisdom. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s worth it. Imagine taking in all these negative news & energy and living consciously with the fear & effect? You’ll stop living even while still breathing because you just can’t deal with all that and deal with everyday tough life.

I’ve been in a state of reflection (thanks also to the recent work-from-home holiday), and I’ve been quite sad at all that’s happening right now around the world – The thousands of people who have died due to the COVID-19 and the current patients, the fire explosion in Lagos and the lives lost, the intricacies of the effect the COVID-19 is causing, like families not being able to go out for this or that and running out of food and supplies (which is quite scary), children being so scared while all these news is flying around them, the mental stress of suspecting yourself or someone around who has a cold or coughs slightly. Whew! We can’t even cough in peace anymore?!


Why is this a Time to Be Alive?

I love to be a positive person. There’s just something in me that loves to see a bright & ‘God’ side of things. I guess it’s one of the survival tactics I’ve picked up in the young years of my life & I guess it works. I think this is a beautiful time to be Alive because despite the fatalities (I mean real people actually have died), despite the scare, fear and the anxiety the world is commonly intertwined in now, we still have reasons to live – I for one, still do. And like I always say, we actually won’t be here forever. (Check my post – 5 lessons from a burial).
I’ve come to a point where I understand Life beyond what I actually see on a day-to-day basis – like life is so deep and the Bible is so true because all these things happening right now were already predicted.


This is a time to be Alive.
This is a time to learn & know God more (& to get others to know him too because this period should teach us all that people are dying and some didn’t even see it coming). A time to dream new dreams and fuel new passions even. A time to learn & improve on yourself or your skills. A time to do the things you haven’t been able to do for years (because ‘home lockdown’). A time to bond with your family & friends too (maybe digitally). A time to enjoy the minutes and hours. A time to trust God like you’ve never done before. A time to wake up each day and be even more grateful than the previous day.
The whole world of over how many billion people have so much in common right now. How much more can life be deeper?


This is a time to love.
If I could express my love for every single person I know or I’ve ever met, I would. But it’s beyond my human power and capacity to do so. So to the ones I’m able to, I will. If you’re reading this and we know personally (or not), I love you and I wish you safety, health, love, and peace that passes all understanding that only comes from God in these times. While you and I are still alive on this Earth, let’s make the most of it – really. I think God gave us Earth as a battleground & a playground too. Enjoy learning & living. Enjoy the persons/people that make you happy. Enjoy your time. Enjoy God. Living in fear steals the essence of living and could actually shorten your life.

So dear readers, this is a time to be Alive, despite everything.


PS: Let’s be wise enough to follow through health measures not just for ourselves but also because of others – Remember to love your neighbors as you love yourself. So avoid crowded places/stay indoors, wash your hands regularly and sanitize, cover your nose/mouth when coughing or sneezing, stay indoors most of the time, keep up with the news and most of all, pray for yourself, loved ones & for others around the world. Psalm 91 is one of my favorite scriptures & i suggest you say that confession everyday. This too shall pass.

PSS: 2020 is still going to be the best year so far for me! I don’t know about you but you better join in and believe it! ✌️

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