“Be Yourself, Everyone else is already taken”

– Unknown


One of the most beautiful things about being an individual is that only you can see what you see on the inside. Only you can understand the rhythm & melodies of the passions that beat non-stop in your heart. Only you. You can tell so many people about your passions, but they can never see or touch it the way you do. That’s the beauty of you. Nobody can steal that away from you. So be You. Do You. And love yourself the way you were made to be. Remember this.


There have been times I wanted to change myself; Change my eyes, my form, my nose, my face, my personality, my Nationality (not such a bad idea though 😂), my passions, my life! Lol whew!

When I was a teenager, I can honestly say I struggled so much with accepting myself the way I was. I know a couple of things contributed to the way I viewed myself asides just being a teenager, but it only grew worse because I was doing pretty nothing about it. I had passions, and I knew my heart desires, but there was always a need to tone it down a notch, to cover it up, to not let the world know that you’re this and you’re that, that you have a lot in you. Shining my light was my biggest challenge, and there’s still a part of me that fights this challenge every single day. I’m sure a couple of people face this too.


My Journey from my teen years to gliding into my earliest twenties have been one of the most beautiful learning experiences for me, so far. I’ve learnt soooo much and I still am (and looking forward to) learning much more! My eighteenth birthday was the starting point of learning for me. I decided I was going to start a journey of self discovery and bring out the best of me. I’ve been pushing myself hard, and I guess I’ve come quite some miles.

🦋What’s the journey been like?

It’s been like a caterpillar-butterfly experience. It’s never easy to just start flying and flapping your wings; but each change, each step, each stage is Gold to me. I feel like a child taking steps while being watched and cheered upon by her elders. God is my biggest cheerleader. I am, too. Some people take little things for granted, but I’m big on the little things. They matter and I always try to remember them. Something as little as writing this post means so much to me. I couldn’t have had the courage to do this two years ago. Lol


🦋 Have I been able to get to the stage I am alone?

I don’t think the caterpillar does it alone. We can ask it. Lol. Firstly, my life belongs to God and so I turn all that concerns it to him. I got to know and admit a couple of years ago, that nobody-nobody-nowhere, could help me become the person he wants me to become but only him. He’s the source, I’m the vessel. Secondly, people matter. My immediate family and some extended have challenged me. I’m grateful I get a lot of encouragement from my immediate family and it means everything to me. Then talk about the good ol’ friends who stick like blood. The few who want to see your wings flapping and your engines rolling. The ones who help you and stay through each stage. It’s beautiful. Then lastly, the tons of humans I draw inspiration from often and in seasons when I’m in need of full cups of inspiration. From the Awesome books I’ve read and the ones I’m reading, to the music that have stretched my spirit and soul, to the preachers/M.speakers who have unimaginably blessed me, to the awesome social media invisible friends who sprinkle their golden sparkle on me. Every dose of inspiration I get, is a step closer.


🦋Where am I now?

I’m not ‘there’ yet (Lol wait, is there even a ‘there’ actually? Oh yes!). How far I still feel. But I’m on my way there, and that’s the most important thing right now. Focus and Determination. Vision and Perspectives. Mindset and Character. Passion and Purpose. Drive and Diligence. Faith and Fuel. Peace and Prosperity. God and God. I’ll get there in destined time.

🦋 Where do I see myself 10 years from now?

A butterfly; beautiful, so beautiful, so so beautiful, flapping her wings from North to South through East to West, telling the world about the word of how she came from being the caterpillar to the butterfly. And not forgetting to mention, I see that beautiful Butterfly helping other caterpillars grow into beautiful Butterflies.

Happy birthday to me! Cheers to the new year & many more years🍷!

🦋Let’s Talk: How has your ‘sense of self’ journey been so far, and where do you see yourself ten years from now? Scroll down to leave a comment


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