Over the week I stumbled upon a very touchy article on one of my favorite websites, desiringGod.org revealing the story of a 20 year old young guy, Tyler Trent whom I’d rather say slept in the Lord than died(because he was a believer of Christ) on the first day of this beautiful new year, due to osteosarcoma which is a type of bone cancer. It saddened my heart the more as I read to the bottom of the lengthy and emotional article written by his Pastor who was also a Friend to Tyler’s family and his Basketball coach. You should check out the full article “here”.

Tyler, whose feature on ESPN America was said to have swept the United States of America in awe, inspiration and an evangelistic wave; he was courageous even till his last breath was drawn. After reading his story, I was really sad, and then I became hopeful because I know from what the Bible says that he will rise again when Jesus comes back because he believed in Jesus; and then I became thoughtful because oh well. Tyler’s parents prayed for his healing(his grandfather died of the same disease), his church family prayed, his friends, etc. Alot of people were praying for him to live. And alot of people must have been disappointed(either at God or at how hard life can be sometimes, you know), but that’s probably how God wanted it.

The Bible says in Romans 11:33-34 “……How deep is God’s wisdom and knowledge!..who can explain his decisions? who knows the mind and thoughts of God? Who is able to give him advice?….”

Who are we really? That we should question or challenge God? Can the ants even look up to our feet, mere common mortals that we are? So who are we to challenge God?

We have to realize and believe that God’s plan must still prevail in every situation.

Then I realized alot of people die from Cancer and it’s other relatives every single day. It’s a sad reality. Children, young men and women, old men and women, families. Many people have hoped for a miracle to happen to their loved ones. Many people have been hoping a cure would be found before their last breath is drawn and many are still hoping that the future generation will be immune to this disease.
I’m simply praying for healing for many patients and for A cure. For the cure to Cancer and it’s many other relatives with no cure yet to be discovered.

I’m not a Medical Researcher, but I’m a child of God and I believe that I(and you too) can pray to God consistently in Faith that those who are in this field will find the Cure by the wisdom that only comes from God. So then afterwards, one of my friends told me that there’s a cure for cancer but it’s being hidden & restricted because of selfish, sentimental and monetary reasons. And I was in awe as to whether or not that could be humanly true. (I’d love to get a feedback on this though because….)

So I wrote a sincere prayer to God from my hurting heart and I intend to keep on saying it…I hope you pray this prayer too and mean it. I hope you go back and say your own prayers to God concerning this issue.

Dear Lord Jesus,
It is you who gives, and it is you who heals.
It is you who loves, and it is you who saves.

I come before you again, human and flawed but greatly washed and graced by your blood to come boldly before your throne of mercy and love, stripped of every thing worth boasting of except of your Love for me & my knowledge of you.

Lord, I want to ask something of you.
And I want all of your children also to pray this prayer with one heart and one mind.
The world is sick – either from disease or sin.
The world is dying – either from disease or sin.
But you’ve given us a cure for Sin – Yourself and the sacrifice of your perfect blood on Calvary.
You’ve given us a remedy and now so many of us are free from the chains of eternal death.

But Lord, there are diseases that are taking so many lives – Children, men, women, young and old, families, everyday and I know you own the universe so you know it all. But there is no cure for them, yet.

So Lord I’m asking you, your children are asking you to release your kindness upon this sinful world. Release your mercy and healing upon this undeserving world once again. Give those who can and are in the medical and research field, the wisdom to find the cure.
Grant them divine ideas, and supernatural wisdom to the treatments of cancer and AIDS, etc. And Lord God let them not be vainglorious and conceited to steal your glory. Let their hearts be softened like butter.

And Let the world see your salvation. Let them know that you are God Almighty. Let them believe that there is a God in Heaven. That he has once again saved us. The only one who can save the world.
You made man to have Dominion on earth. Lord give us Dominion in this field as we hope and trust in your mercy and love.

But finally Lord, let your will be done ALWAYS, as it is in Heaven.

If you said this prayer in Faith, Thank you!

Faith is believing what we can’t see yet.

God’s will is ultimate and no matter what his will is on this issue, it is all for a plan and purpose.

Happy Sunday!

Thanks for reading💓!

You are,

Salt x Light💓

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