🎶🎶…It’s a Start of Something New…🎶🎶

Dear ‘New-Blogger’ Self,

I’m proud of You.

You haven’t only seen the beginning of something that took you close to two years to brood over, nurture and birth, and close to three months to create single-handedly; but you have also done something unique, different and inspiring for yourself.

As you start this journey, I won’t coerce you into believing it’d be easy and smooth all along. No. I believe you know better. The Journey is a beautiful one because Passion and Purpose have been used to tar the roads. But be cautioned, because Pot-holes of discouragement, fear, anxiety, unbelief, uncertainty, inconsistency and laziness will cut deep into those beautiful roads. At those points, you’d want to cut yourself some slack and throw in the towel. What do you do when these times come? Always Remember why you started, what it means to you and then remember to return to what you wrote ‘here’.


Dear ‘New-Blogger’ self, Never ever forget to always trust firstly, in the God that put you on this Journey, because He is the only one who can & will keep you till the end. Secondly, Never for once think you are less than you actually are. In fact, you should always remind yourself who you are in Christ and all God has put in you. Never try to cover the light in you. Never try to diminish the sparkle that God has sprinkled upon you. Never try to come down to suit people’s imaginations of what you should be. Never fear their faces. You are Everything beautiful in his image – A Creation that was made to stand out and glorify the Creator.

Dear ‘New-Blogger’ self, I’m looking forward to you taking giant strides, writing the most mind blowing contents, releasing all those ideas always brewing in your small-big head, and making God smile every single time he has his eyes on you.

Dear ‘New-Blogger’ self, you’ll do Great. You’ll be exceptional. You’ll be awesome. You’ll be on course. You’ll be courageous. You’ll be consistent. You’ll be diligent. You’ll be consistent. You’ll be excellent. You’ll be dedicated. You’ll be encouraged. You’ll be motivated. You’ll be favoured. You’ll be driven. You’ll be at the top, and You’ll be celebrated.

Dear self, you can do this, because you’ve got this!



Yours sincerely,

The Inkspire Gal’🍭


Edited by: My Mom🌷


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