Sammyyyy“, like I fondly call him is one of those rare people you probably don’t see for a long while but they always feel like they’re home with you. To me, he’s a big brother, a really really good person and friend, a very good listener and a goood adviser by the way. In summary, Sammy is someone you should/must have among your list of friends.

So yah, hit me up to hit him up! Lol!😜

However, on the 20th of January 2017, he was involved in a very ghastly accident along the Nigerian Benin-expressway road that almost changed the course of his life, as well as those who love him so dearly. It was an occurrence that I can describe as a life-changing-life-learning experience for himself and others; an event that could have no doubt taken his precious life but for a supreme being that stepped in and changed the entire story the devil tried to rewrite.

I remember vividly being in my room in my Uni back then when the news was broken to my older sister and I by a mutual friend that also happened to be a lodge mate. He was actually supposed to arrive at my lodge that day to stay with that mutual friend. Unfortunately, he didn’t arrive as planned. I literally fell down on my knees in fear upon hearing the news and was already getting teary when my older sister insisted that instead of crying/panicking, we should start praying and speaking words of faith. That was it. And we had peace that he was going to come out stronger than ever.

As y’all know😉, I’m all about inspiring anyone who needs to be inspired using this blog as an instrument, so I decided to feature him on this article and go through his experience, thoughts and his life two years after that accident and share it with the world. And most importantly, to give God the glory for saving my friend’s beautiful life!

I hope this inspires you and someone else!


A Fatal Accident & A Supernatural Incident: TID Talk with Samuel Achem.

TID: Can you describe the way the accident happened? What were your initial thoughts even though I know your thoughts would have probably been all over the entire place!

S.A: Almost Everyone was making noise in the Bus and I was sitting just behind the driver and in the middle of two people. We had just finished buying stuff so everybody was eating but I wasn’t hungry. I decided to lay my head on my leg with my bag in front of me in order to sleep for say a few minutes and the next thing I felt was a very big thump on the Bus. I just felt this very heavy heat and for a split second my eyes flew open then I lost consciousness and when my eyes opened again, I think I saw the driver and that was the moment the bus was summersaulting. The driver was trying to steady his hand on the steering wheel. I just blacked out. At that point I didn’t know what was happening or going on until I felt someone trying to drag me and I was struggling with the person to let go of me because I was still trying to gain consciousness. When I opened my eyes a little bit I could see literal red everywhere because I was bleeding from my head to my leg, everywhere. The whole bus was filled with blood. I was hearing a lot of people chatter but at the same time I couldn’t hear them talk. Too many things were just happening at once. I couldn’t process everything at once. I was carried out into an ambulance and then I think with two other victims.

When we got to the hospital, it began to dawn on me what really happened. I realised my leg was bent and broken when a nurse brought out a very big scissors to cut through my trousers and attend to me. I think I fully gained consciousness when a doctor tried to straighten my leg. I was like, “dude, you just came out from an accident” because the pain simply brought me back to life. I realised then that it wasn’t only my bus that had been affected, there were other buses, and casualties, and the hospital was really rowdy. So it was serious. And doctors were on strike at that point so nurses had their hands full. That day was something else.

Sammyy loves music. He sings, drums(you should hear him drum!) and he plays the keyboard, etc. He’s a bunch of talents!

TID: You happened to be a survivor of such a ghastly accident, alongside how many other people? Just how exactly did that make you feel sincerely? Were you in tears of gratitude to God? Were you semi-angry-semi-grateful or just plain-yoghurt-angry at God?! 😂

S.A: I felt good, I felt bad and then I felt good at the same time because a few of the people on the bus were people I’d just met for the first time and we had conversations. One person – a guy- in particular was supposed to reach out and we were meant to meet up to do a collaboration soon and then sadly he didn’t survive. There was also a nurse, a soldier, two students from UNIZIK*, etc and then they didn’t survive unfortunately. Actually, the guy from UNIZIK* sustained a spinal cord injury and unfortunately, he’s crippled for life. So, I was grateful. In fact throughout that night I couldn’t think straight. As much as I was conscious, I couldn’t grasp the fact that “a whole me” was involved in an accident. I was just shocked.

The brother of one of the late victims who had been in the same room with me before he died, told me I was lucky. But honestly I didn’t exactly feel lucky. Its a bad thing. People died and I thought naturally nobody should die like that. So I didn’t feel happy that I survived and other people died. I didn’t feel I was better than anyone. But yah, I was happy and grateful that I survived anyways because God SAVED me. It could have been worse. Because people around me died – Like actually died. I just thank God. Nahh my tears of Gratitude came much later when I started really thinking about it and I was so grateful to God for saving my life.

TID: What was life like after that accident? With your leg being affected, having to go through a couple of surgical bone procedures and your life being put on hold for almost a year +?

S.A: I was supposed to go for surgery but then I was redirected by my one of Aunt’s to go for native treatment as an alternative. So it started and then, the man did the stuff for like one month and after one month, nothing was getting better actually. Then next was a physiotherapist and same thing. The leg got worse. And then I was fed up because nothing was working. Then we decided I go for surgery. The surgery was scheduled but then Doctors started striking for a stretch of time and I had to wait. Then I eventually did the surgery and it was okay. I couldn’t start walking immediately but there was some improvement. I remember walking for the first time again and on my own on my birthday in 2018 which was a year after the accident. (And two years today, he’s walking well!)

Oh, and yes….Sammyy has a million dollar smile😂

TID: What was the Biggest lesson you learnt from the experience of being involved in that accident?

S.A: Trust God, he NEVER fails. Doesn’t matter what may have gone wrong. He’s always on time. He never lets his own go, and thats one thing I’ve learnt and will take with me till the day I die or the day I go to heaven, till Jesus tarries. He never lets go of his own.

TID: I know there must have been times you were in great pain. Pain from your affected leg and the surgeries, pain from depression, pain from confusion, pain from possibly loneliness or fear, pain from held up plans and goals, etc. What was your biggest support system? What were the things that kept you going?

S.A: Believing in God, My family and friends. I had amazing people who were there for me, calling, texting, people who came around to my house consistently through that period and all. I’m really grateful for the people God put in my life. Lol yahh there were times I felt lonely, times I felt the pain so much, etc but I’m glad I had people there to support me. Like I keep saying, I know the best people in the whole world. Like there’ll be times a friend or two would coincidentally send me words of encouragements or scripture verses just at the times when I needed it the most and those were one of the things that kept me going.

TID: It’s been two years since it happened. As you look back on two years ago, I know you believe you’ve come quite a long way. What are you most grateful for?

S.A: For the people God has placed in my life. My family and friends. For not letting go and not looking me as if I was less at that point in my life. It meant a lot to me. I’m grateful for them.

TID: Thank you so so much for doing this with TID Blog. I’m more than grateful to God you’re alive and well and stronger. Say a few words to those going through very dark times and seemingly hopeless seasons or situations.

S.A: Like I said earlier, just believe in God and have the best people around you. My friends are the best people around in this world and I’m always grateful I have them.

Isn’t God so good?

*UNIZIK – Nnamdi Azikiwe University.


And guess what?

This is Sammyyyy. Tall. Dark. & Handsome. OK bye😂🙌

Today happens to be his birthday🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

From TID, Happy birthday Sammyyyy! Keep being sweet and super awesome😊!

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