I’ve never attended a burial ceremony until the upper weekend when I had to bring myself to because suddenly there comes a time when you have to get up and face your fears innit?

It’s funny how death comes to take someone away and that’s it. No more of that person. Just like that.

The burial ceremony was solemn, and for me alongside a couple of others, a time of reflection and oh, a whole lot of mushiness.

I love sharing so I decided to share a few lessons I learnt in the first burial I’ve ever attended in my life. Here are some:

1. Burials are a reminder that Life is not as long as we like to think and we must remember to number our days.

Numbering our days means living intentionally and with purpose, not forgetting that there’s a life after this. Forget about the many accomplishments and yen yen yen we really want to achieve and already have; when we die, we’re the only ones who go under the ground. Nothing else, unless of course you’re still going to be extra in death and ask beforehand that you be buried with your Lamborghini ( well,Goodluck with that). Numbering our days means reminding ourselves of these truths. It’s more beautiful to celebrate a man/woman who numbered his/her days well. Imagine being inspired during a burial? Talk about a life well lived!

2. There’s a lot of pressure in many African societies in burying their own.

Like wow! People are still mourning and I’m seeing funeral guests almost fighting  for jollof rice and drink? But that’s even just the beginning sef. There are high expectations and people who are silently waiting for everything to be over so they can show themselves and start dragging what is not dragging them. My point is, I think Nigerian burials can be simpler. Can we just focus on laying the dead to rest and comforting the mourning hearts? Asides from the fact that we should give honor to a dead person and celebrate the life he/she lived, why so much extra gra-gra for burial though?

3. People who don’t cry at burials should be nominated as strongest people in the world. Like how do they do it??

I didn’t even have any close relationship with the elderly man who was being laid to rest but I was so teary. I couldn’t help it. It was like, “so this is how life is?” And you know, just watching the whole thing got me really mushy. Plus, having to think about what the family he left behind must be dealing with emotionally got me teary too. Some people( 99% of men actually) watched the whole darn thing on their 3D eyes and not a tear! Wawu!

4. The living most continue living.

Heartbreaking. I know it’s devastating losing someone we love. It’s even more devastating having to deal with the fears of coping after it’s all said and done; but life is for the living, and when the dead is laid to rest, the living must face life squarely back in it’s gray face and keep pushing. It’s just the way life is, really. I’m sorry it has to be that way.

5. Who’s next?

Okay, so I know this question sounds kinda creepy but really though, who’s next? Who’s going to be laid to rest next? Who’s going to leave this world next? The answer to these questions, dear readers, is that We all don’t know. But here’s one thing I’m sure we all know: That we’re all going to die someday. Amen? And if we keep running away from this truth, it’s time we faced it and dealt with it. Death is a common occurrence of man. Live right. Live purposefully. Urge people to do same. Live in Christ, because as long as I’m concerned and still breathing, to Live is for Christ and to die is all the Gain you can think of – but then that’s if you’re in Christ. You dig?

I hope the lessons I picked up resonates with your heart and causes you to seek the truth and number your days ❤️

May we live for Christ, and have confidence that we will die in Gain – in Christ.

2 Corinthians 5:9-10 : “….So whether we are here in this body or away from this body, our goal is to please him. For we must all stand before Christ to be judged. We will each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we have done in this earthly body…”

Thanks for reading ❤️

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