We’re in a really delicate season right now due to the COVID-19 uproar and I think it’s a time to set aside all sentiments and put in effort into being wise and observing all health measures and precautions. Religious institutions, government institutions, schools, offices are shutting down all activities temporarily and that calls for some level of assertiveness and precaution.

So as a helpful blogger that I am (you’re welcome in advance), I’ve compiled 10 ways of protecting yourself healthwise against the COVID-19. Let’s be intentional about following through these health measures while keeping our Faith anchored to God.

1. Wash your hands REGULARLY. This should be a necessary practice because our hands are like the busiest parts of our body and we subconsciously touch things, people and objects along the way. Even if you’re at home and not going out, it’s still important to wash your hands very regularly with soap and water because that ensures about 98% of germs killed.

2. Sneeze/Cough RESPONSIBLY. Lol. I know this could be hard especially for Nigerians like me, but it’s really necessary so you don’t leave the next person wondering “what if?”. If you have a normal cold or a slight cough (which could have nothing to do with the virus), you should sneeze and cough either into your elbows, a handkerchief or tissue which should lead you back to Number 1 above afterwards.

3. AVOID crowded places, gatherings and stay indoors mostly. Personally, I’m becoming tired having to stay indoors all day (because work from home is getting real) lol. But it’s actually one of the best ways to prevent contacting the virus so protect yourself by saying indoors more often than before. It’ll soon be over huh?

4. Keep your environments CLEAN, TIDY and SANITIZED. Like health experts have said, the virus is so highly contagious and it could exist in surfaces for up to 5 days! This is why keeping the environment in which you’re isolating or living in is highly essential as that could reduce your exposure to the virus and give you peace of mind, too.

5. Take VITAMINS and FRUITS. Vitamins and fruits have proven from time to fight infections and viruses. Vitamin C for a boost in immunity & Vitamin D for fighting respiratory issues. Increasing an intake of vitamins in form of fruits, vegetables or even tablets at this season will be essential for you and your loved ones. Here’s a list of Supplements that Support Immunity Against Respiratory Infections Like COVID-19

6. Drink LOTS of WATER and FLUID. Time to become a human-fish! Whoops! I’m glad I’ve been doing this a lot already. Fluids are known to be flushers and neutralizers – especially water. Health experts have shared that the virus could exist in a patient’s throat for about 4 – 5 days causing throat pain & dry cough before actually reaching the lungs but lots of intake of water, fluids, gargling of warm water or vinegar can flush it down into the stomach.

7. SYMPTOMS of the virus according to the CDC include:

  • Trouble breathing
  • High Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • Bluish lips or face

If you experience these symptoms or think you might have been exposed, find a possible way to contact a health provider or assigned health personnels provided by the government. It’s also very important that you do not mix up these symptoms with symptoms that could be from common cold/flu. These symptoms are familiar so it’s important to have a test if cases become severe.

8. Do NOT SELF MEDICATE. If you’re sure you have the symptoms, take a test and quarantine if positive, with proper health care. Do not self medicate with CHLOROQUINE or any other UNCONFIRMED DRUG which could be false medical information.

9. Wear a FACEMASK & HAND GLOVES if need be. You might need to step out and If the risk is higher in your community or state, then it’s a health precaution to simply put on the mask to prevent contacting the virus since it has been diagnosed to be airborne. Also santize, wash your hands and minimize face contact with your hands as much as possible while outside and before coming in.

COVID-19 social distancing

10. Reduce your MENTAL STRESS level. Rest now that you can, take a break even from all the news and media coverage. Sleep well, exercise and do the things you haven’t been able to do in a long while. This is still a time to be alive so live it well.

Don’t forget to Pray for yourself, loved ones, health workers and others around the world.

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